Call to Artists

2017 Invitation to Sculptors

The City of Sheridan Public Arts Committee (SPAC) invites you to participate in our juried 2017 on-loan, outdoor sculpture exhibit.

Since 2002, the City has invited a number of artists both in and out of state to participate in our public arts program. In the past 14 years, Sheridan has acquired over 60 permanent sculptures for our parks and downtown area, attracting tourist and local interest.

Submissions are due January 1, 2017. The SPAC will jury the work and inform the artists by February 1, 2017. All accepted artists are invited to a reception on April 24, 2017. If the reception cannot be attended, all accepted work must be scheduled and delivered to Sheridan between May 1st and June 1st of 2017. You may submit more than one piece of work. If your work is accepted, the SPAC will pay a $1000 honorarium per piece. All entries will be considered for the City of Sheridan Mayor's Choice Award and the People’s Choice Award. These awards are judged separately and a $250 cash prize issued to the winner of each category.

Sculptures will be on display from June 1st of 2017 through May 15th of 2018. As part of your loan agreement with the SPAC, we will actively market your works, while it is on display. If your sculpture is sold, our commission is 25%, so please mark your work accordingly.

The sculpture exhibit is outdoors, and open to the public, and because of this, certain requirements must be met in order for your sculpture to be considered for display. This includes the sculpture being sufficiently durable and a minimum height of 16 inches. Fragile, dangerous, or inappropriate works will not be accepted.

Please register at and complete your profile to submit your work to the 2017 Sheridan Wyoming Juried Sculpture Exhibit call for art. Please read it carefully and if you have any questions contact the SPAC. More information will also be sent upon your acceptance.

Micah Trampe -
Public Arts Box 848, Sheridan, WY 82801

Permanent Sculptors

Brett Badgett
Joe Burleigh (2)
Mike Casper
Bunny Connell (3)
K.E. Crain
Heloise Crista
Angela de la Vega
Robert Deurloo
J.C. Dye
Barry Eisenach
Mike Flanagan (4)
Fred Fellows
Peter Fillerup
Tom Ford
Susan Geissler
R.V. Greeves (2)
James Haire (2)
William Hugh Jennings
Sondra Jonson
Merry Karraker
T.D Kelsey(2)
John Kuchera (5)
Chon Love
Ross Mattison
Jerry McKellar(2)
Mary Michael
James Muir
Bill Noland (3)
Leo Olsen
Jerry Palen
Louise Peterson
Delmar Pettigrew
Malen Pierson
Lyndon Pomeroy
Kevin Red Star
Robert Russin
Dollores Shelledy (3)
Jerold Smiley (4)
Dennis Sohocki
Sam Street
D. Michael Thomas
Felix Velez
Chuck Weaver
Lonnie Wright
Mary Zimmerman (3)

Lending Sculptors

Lani Andrews
Brett Badgett
Tammy Bality
Phil Bascom
Danae Bennett-Miller
Michael Birr
Manton Botsford
Jeffie Brewer
Joe Burleigh
James Burnes
Bobbie Carlyle
Alicia Conway
Don Coy
K.E. Crain
Lynn Creighton
Mont Crosland
Brenda Daniher
Barrett Debush
Roane Deckert
Angela de la Vega
Robert Deurloo
Joellen Domenico
J.C. Dye
Peter Fillerup
Mike Flanagan
Tom Ford
Susan Geissler
Daniel Glanz
James Haire
Bunny Hanley
Mark Hillen
Chris & Amy Ivanoff
William Hugh Jennings
Carl E. Jensen
Bernie Jestrabek-Hart
Gregory Johnson
Hillary Jones
Sondra Jonson
Merry Karraker
T.D. Kelsey
Pat Kennedy
Mary Jane Lamberson
Lee Leuning/Sherri Treeby
Harold Linke
Chon Love
Patrick Love
Jan Mapes
Jim Marsico
Jerry McKellar
Mary Michael
Gene Michielie
Dale Montagne
Eugene Morelli
Patrick Morgan
James Muir
Chris Navarro
Erik Nelson
Bill Noland
Jerry Palen
Richard Pankratz
Pokey Park
Lyle Parkes
Rod Patterson
Donna Pelton
Louise Peterson
Delmar Pettigrew
Martha Pettigrew
Bryce Pettit
Malen Pierson
Collette Pitcher
Gary Lee Price
Kay Primer
Linda Raynolds
Damien Radice
Diane Reuter-Twining
Dollores Shelledy
Jerold Smiley
Dennis Sohoki
Pati Stajcar
Sherrill Stone
Sam Terakedis
D. Michael Thomas
John Tolmay
David H. Turner
Steve Tyree
Debra Uhls
Chuck Weaver
Christoper Weed
Ira Wiesenfeld
Jeannine Young
Mary Zimmerman
Debra Zelenak